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Write these sentences in Past simple
      1.      I  (brush) my teeth in the morning.

2.      You  (build) a nice house for your family.

3.      We  (clean) the room.

4.      They  (cook) a nice meal.

5.      She  (cry) at night.

6.      He  (dance) at the night club.

7.      Children  (drive) their toy cars.

8.      I  (fish) by the river.

9.      The man  (fix) his car.

10.  The birds  (fly) abroad.

11.  Nick  (go) to work.

12.  Guna  (jump) into the river.

13.  Ervin  (know) new words.

14.  Martin  (listen) to music.

15.  Henry  (look) at his wife.

16.  We  (make) our beds.

17.  People  (meet) their friends.

18.  A person  (pay) the bill.

19.  Tom  (plant) a tree.

20.  Ann  (play) in the garden.

21.  Eric  (read) a magazine.

22.  The teacher  (run) home.

23.  The boy  (see) his friends.

24.  We  (send) greetings.

25.  He  (shave) in the morning.

26.  She  (show) her picture.

27.  They  (sit) at the fireplace.

28.  People  (ski) in winter.

29.  Children  (sleep) at night.

30.  Parents  (swim) in the sea.

31.  Tom and Mary  (think) about their holidays.

32.  Mary  (wait) for her friends.

33.  Martin  (wash) his car.

34.  Friends  (watch) a good movie.

35.  My sister  (water) the plants.

36.  My brother  (work) in the garden too.

Rewrite the sentences into Past Simple

1.    I clean.

2.    He dives.
3.    He doesn’t want it.
4.    He eats.  
5.    He gets up early.
6.    He is tired.
7.    He lives. 

8.    He plays.

9.    He sits.

10.  I like fish.