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My summer holidays - past simple gap filling

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Complete with the past simple of the verbs in brackets.
Last summer, my family and I 1. (spend) our holidays in Naxos, an amazing island in Greece. The island 2. (be) very big and there 3. (be) lots of things to see and do.

      We 4. (stay) at a comfortable bungalow and  5. (go) swimming every day at the island’s beautiful beaches…I  6. (get) a great suntan!

      We also 7.  (try) the local cuisine. There 8.  (be) various traditional tavernas on the island and we 9.  (eat) there every evening!...I 10.  (put) on about 3 kilos during these holidays!

      But Naxos is not all about fun. We also 11.  (visit) many interesting sights, like the Archeological Museum and some prehistoric settlements, which I 12.  (find) pretty impressive.

       I also 13.  (love) the local people. They 14.  (be) very friendly and welcoming!

       We 15.  (have) a great time in Naxos and I would really love to go there again some day!