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Reported speech worksheet preview
Reported speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech Sentence Transformations worksheet preview
Reported Speech Sentence Transformations

Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs worksheet preview
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs

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Reported Speech exercises
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Age: 12-17
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REPORTED SPEECH all you need to know about
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Age: 14-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 11-14
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Reported Speech

1. Report the following sentences.

a)  b)    c)

a) John said   b) Mary told me  
c) Jimmy said

d)  e)   f)

d) Mr. Jones asked me  e) Mike asked Jim  
f) Ann asked me

g)  h)   i)

g) Joan said  
h) Rebecca mentioned that
i) Jeremiah told Rebecca that

 j)   K)  l)

j) Steve said     k) Paul asked his friends   l) Hugh wondered

2. Choose the correct option to report the sentences.

a) "Someone's following you."
      She told me that someone
b) "We want to go to Brasil"
      They said  wanted  to Brasil.
c) "I don't speak French well."
     Paul said he  French well.
d) "Can you open the door?"
      He asked me if  the door.
e) "Does Martha like vegatables?"
     Martin asked his mother if Martha  vegetables.
f) "Dad knows we don't have enough money."
     Martin said dad  enough money.





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