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Listening and Reading: The Computer, the Wonder of the Future

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Watch a video from the 1950s about computers and choose the correct answers to the following questions.

1 How does the teacher describe the computer?�

2 How many hours a week do workers have to work?

3 When will they�knock off�if computers do their work?�

4 When will computers become a household name?��

5 What will housewives use their computers for?����

6 What will a personal computer look like?�

7 What won�t computers do in the future?

Send files and messages to co-workers.

Create graphics

Give speeches at meetings.

Balance cheque books

Play golf

Do the housework

Complete the following text by choosing or writing in the missing words. The images may help.

Computers are going to all of new places. In the future they will be in and may even your cars for you some day. I also could see them in imaginable place in your . You could have a everything from litter box to that open for you. The possibilities boundless and endless. If you have a at home then you know what a they can be, but just of that kind of convenience everywhere.

I recently heard about a computerized head that could tell you everything you ever to know about the person who died. It would tell you the normal like name, birth date and date, but also would give a brief life story and everything that they liked. I thought it was pretty .

Computers will also be much and more compact. You can get a notebook that is 1 ghz now, that is much faster than ever heard of just a few years ago. Computers are ing in a very interesting direction that will ever be able to predict.