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4 EXERCISES (45 sentences) Present Perfect Simple or Present Simple (contradictions)

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Rewrite the sentences in negative form.               EXAMPLE:
 I have a cat - I do not have a cat.
                                                                                                                      I have fed the cat - I have not fed the cat.

1.     I have brought an interesting book.

2.    The toy has disappeared from my room.

3.    The toy has two eyes.

4.    My sister has bought new shoes.

5.    Tim and Tom have taken a ball from the shelf.

6.    A teacher has given us a very difficult exercise.

7.    Children have flowers.

8.    A child has fallen down.

9.    Children have played different games.

10. My mother has come home from work.


     1.  My mother has a car.

2. My parents have work.

3. I have a dog.

4. My sister has a friend.

5. The dog has eaten its lunch.

6. Tim and Tom have books.

7. A child has a kitten.

8. The dog has a toy.

9. A teacher has a question.

10.My parents have called me on the telephone.

  1. Tim and Tom have waited for their friends.
  2. A teacher has cut colorful paper.
  3. A house has new windows.
  4. The car has two doors.
  5. The dog has caught a butterfly.
  6. Children have flowers.
  7. The toy has fallen from the shelf.
  8. My parents have eaten their dinner.
  9. My mother has dreamt about holidays.
  10. I have a brick.
  11. Mary and Tom have a present.
  12. My friend has a rabbit.
  13. You have a new jumper.
  1. Jane and Jack have work to do.
  2. She has a big cake.
  3. A child has a kitten.
  4. My sister has chosen where to study.
  5. Houses have new windows.
  6. The man has a car.
  7. Children have dug a big hole in the garden.
  8. My grandparents have a garden.
  9. A principal has a question.
  10. I have begun reading an interesting book.
  11. A child has done all his work.
  12. My grandmother has a car.