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Earth Day -Reduce-Reuse- Recycle

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Read about the Earth Day:
Earth Day began in 1970.�

Every year on April 22nd we remember to take care of our planet.

On this day people clean the rivers,lakes, parks and beaches.We need clean water for drinking.�
We can keep Earth clean by following the rule of �Reduce, Reuse, Recycle�.
Reduce means use less.
We can use less energy, paper,water.
Ride a bike or walk to use less gasoline.
Turn of the lights to use less electricity.
Reuse means use again.
We can reuse many things, such as jars,bags, and boxes.
Reuse plastic water bottles.
Make old jeans into a cool bag. Use old newspapers for art projects.
Recycle means to make something new from something old.
Recycle bottles and paper.
Give old clothes to other people.
Recycle garbage to reduce land pollution.
If we take these materials to a recycling center, they can be used again in a different way.

On Earth Day, we remind ourselves and everyone on Earth that we must do these things.

We must do these things every day, not just on Earth Day.�
Answer the questions:
1. When is Earth Day?



2. When did it begin?

3.Why do we have Earth Day?
a. to recycle paper
b. to reduce electricity
c. to remember to take care of the planet

4.� Which word means to use again?

5.�� Which word means to use less?

6.�� Which word means to make something new from something old?


Choose�the�right answer:
reduce, reuse, recycle
a. They are presents.
b. They are furniture.
c. They help the ecology.

gasoline, water,�electricity
a. They are�things to�waste.
b. They are things�for school�.
c. They are�things to�save.

waste, garbage, pollution
a. They are clothes.
b. They are�good for ecology.
c. They are�bad for ecology.

juice, water,�tea
a. We need it to drink.
b. We need it to paint.
c. We need it to sleep.

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