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Taboo with Clothes Vocabulary and Adjectives for People Description
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Age: 12-17
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adjectives (patterns) for clothes
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Mark�s clothes
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Age: 6-10
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Adaptable Adjectives Exercise - Shopping for Clothes Theme - Using Comparatives and Superlatives with answer sheet
Level: elementary
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 14


2 7 8
3 5


1.�a piece of cloth made of narrow folds.
2. with no pattern or colour
3. having lines of different colours or texture.
4. fitting closely to the body.
5. a pattern of small squares.
6. soft hair of some animals.
7. having the appearance of being very used.
8. a piece of clothing that is very loose.
9. a delicated type of cloth produced by silkworns.
10. full of small and round areas of colour.