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Age: 12-14
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Read the text  and match it with the pictures.Write the letter in the box.There is an extra set of pictures.
Story 1
A very dark night I was driving home from work.It was  late and was very tired I was listening to the radio and  I was alone.Something was different on the horizon  .There was a strange light in the sky.At first I thought it was the moon or a very big star but it was moving slowly , in a strange way.It was a huge object.It was grey and seemed to be made of some kind of shiny metal. It had lots of green lights and a lot of windows.It was oval and sounded like a whistle: I was really scared and I wanted to hide  but I couldn't move.It was getting closer and closer and I  remember that I saw a strange creature through the window it looked really aggressive it was wearing a helmet and its face was cruel I thought they were going to attack me.Suddenly the UFO disappeared .Nobody believed me because I couln't take a picture but I will never forget this experience.
Story 2
A very dark night I was at a bus stop,I was meeting my friends because we were going to a concert .It wasn't  late and was happy ,it was going to be a great night.There was nobody at the bus stop ,which was unusual. Suddenly ,I saw a strange orange light in the sky.At first I thought it was a plane or a helicopter but it was moving so slowly that it was impossible,it was moving in a strange way:up and down, up and down.It was a big spaceship .
It was black and seemed to be made of some kind of hard plastic and a part of it was transparent. It had lots of red windows.It was round and sounded like a scooter!!!! The sound made laugh.It was funny but I wasn't scared and .As it was getting closer I could see a strange being, it  looked like a robot but it didn't look aggressive.So I took my mobile and took a picture so that my friends would believe me.I can't understand why I wasn't frightened .It was a great experience.
Story 3
A very sunny day I was walking in the park early in the morning, there were no people around .I heard a noise,it sounded like an explosion and I was a bit surprised as I couldn't see smoke or fire anywhere.But when I looked up I was astonished and a bit frigtened a round object was moving towards me.I can't describe it as I don't remember all the details .I know it was really impressive and that it moved slowly and spinning all the time, I can also remember that I saw something similar to a man and that it was blue,I don't know if it was wearing clothes or a special suit .I didn't speak to it but surprisingly I knew it wasn't going to attack me.I can also remember that I couldn't move.Some people say I am crazy but others believe me and go to the park in case the UFO comes again.