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Asking for Information

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Asking for Information

Write a question about the italicized and coloured part of each sentence. Begin each sentence with a question word (what, where, how much, etc.). Notice the examples.
1.- Alice went to the movies last night.������������������ Where did Alice go last night?
2.- They will be there for two weeks.��������������������� How long will they be there?
3.- Miss Peters wrote those letters.������������������������ Who wrote those letters?
4.- Bill's birthday is oln the twelfth of August.
5.- There are twenty-one floors in that building.
6.- John is coughing because he has a bad cold.
7.- The Browns left for home at six o'clock.
8.- The students studied the irregular verbs.
9.- That is Professor Moore's briefcase.
10.- There were fourteen guests at tha party.
11.- Mr. Burke bought his new car last Saturday.
12.- Detroit is seven hundred miles from here.
13.- Their classes usually begin at nine o'clock.
14.- I'm going to go because the game will be interesting.
15.- That customer wants four packages of cigarettes.
16.- Dorothy bought the pink dress with the blue stripes.
17.- We call those things "gadgets" in English.
18.- My friends helped me very much yesterday afternoon.
19.- Mr. Wilson gave the annual report to Mr. Johnson.
20.- The whole trip takes about twenty-two hours.
21.- We're going to look for winter coats at that department store.����������������������������������������������� ������ ������������������������
22.- Those two dictionaries belong to Mr. Kramer.
23.- Our friends stayed in Claifornia for three weeks.
24.- the messanger gave the packages to Mr. Wilson's secretary.
25.- My mother put the cups and saucers in the cupboard.
26.- The word "rapid" means "fast" or "quick".
27.- The doctor will come within fifteen or twenty minutes.
28.- The price of that car is three thousand dollars.
29.- Dr. Duncan's mother is sixty-eight years old.
30.- There will be another meeting next Thurday.