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Subject and Object Pronouns (substitution)

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Subject and Object Pronouns

Substitute pronouns for the italicized and white words in each sentence. Notice the first two examples.
1. The boy is reading the book.                                     He is reading it.
2. The students are talking to Tom.                              They are talking to him.
3. Mary is studying her lesson with John.                     ___________________________________.
4.- Mr. and Mrs. Johnson enjoy television very much.                   ___________________________________.
5. That fellow understands the lesson completely.       ___________________________________.
6. The children like their teachers very much.             ___________________________________.
7. Do Charles and Mary like that English book?        ___________________________________.
8. Is Miss Brown explaining the lesson to the students?                        _______________________________________________.
9.- The women are talking about the party.                 ___________________________________.
10.- The man is moving the furniture into the other room.                   _______________________________________________.
11. Those people need the money as soon as possible.                         _______________________________________________.
12. John and Frank are writing the letter right now.    ___________________________________.
13. Frank and I ususally meet our friends at the corner.                      _______________________________________________.
14. The teachers spoke to the girls about that matter.                         _______________________________________________.
15. Mr. Harris is helping Alfred with the lesson.                                _______________________________________________.
16. The policeman is giving a ticket to Mrs. Anderson.                       _______________________________________________.
17. David's friends always anjoy his jokes.                                        _______________________________________________.
18. Harry didn't tell the bad news to his parents.                                _______________________________________________.
19. You and Manuel didn't give the money to Peter and me.                         ____________________________________________________.
20. Her father told Mary not to wash the dishes for  her aunt  .                       ____________________________________________________.