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PASSIVE VOICE Review 06 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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The Passive - Review

Question Choose the correct verb form to make the sentence passive

Sent_1 - The accident on Tuesday  seen by several bystanders. 

Sent_2 - My suit  cleaned at the moment.  

Sent_3 - They  sent his resignation last night.

Sent_4 - Jane  taught by Steve when she goes to school.

Sent_5 - These photos  taken when we were living in Cuenca.

Sent_6 - The results  published until September.

Sent_7 - It  done; it's far too difficult.

Sent_8 - She  given the message as soon as she arrived.

Sent_9 - The children  adopted after the death of their parents.

Sent_10 - The price of petrol  put up last week.

Sent_11 - They  told about the meeting, so don't forget to call them.

Sent_12 - The bank's computer system  hit by a virus last Friday.

Sent_13 - She  treated for burns after the fire.

Sent_14 - The infection  spread by physical contact.

Sent_15 - The video  programmed badly; it does not record BBC 2  - properly.

Sent_16 - Service  not included in the bill.

Sent_17 - Her dogs  trained to guard the house since she was burgled.

Sent_18 - The dustbins  emptied on Mondays

Sent_19 - All planes  for several hours because of the snow lastnight.

Sent_20 - Could it  delivered to my office, please.