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Talking about clothes

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Talking about clothes 

1. Read these Internet chat room messages.


SUBJECT: School Dress Codes

Personally, I think school dress codes are a bad idea. My friends and I have worn baggy pants and long white T-shirts to school for years. They’re comfortable and we think they look great. There has never been a problem. Some parents say these clothes aren’t neat enough to wear to school. Some of the teachers say these clothes make us look sloppy and lazy. The school dress code says: "No baggy pants. No white T-shirts." But we’re polite. We study and get good grades. We just like these clothes because they’re cool. Why should we have to change our clothes?



I have a beautiful, blond, blue-eyed 14-year-old daughter. She has won prizes in beauty contests since she was four years old. She has a closet full of lovely clothes, but she refuses to wear them! She has worn boys’ clothes to school every day this week—jeans, T-shirts, shorts, heavy boots. Why can’t she wear girls’ clothes some of the time?

2. Choose the correct screen names.
1. Who talks about girl’s clothes? 
2. Who talks about baggy pants?
3. Who talks about a school dress code?
4. Who talks about beauty contests?
5. Who talks about comfortable clothing?
6. Who talks about heavy boots?