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Irregular verbs (Past Tense)

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Irregular Verbs

Choose the correct verb for each sentence. Use each verb only once. Use only the past tense form of the verb.
  • sleep                              David     the answers to the questions.
  • find                               I    the back door a few minutes ago.       
  • speak                            Frank   for ten hours last night.      
  • drive                            James    to the teacher about that.
  • know                            Ernest    to work by bus this morning.
  • bring                           My son   quite sick last night.
  • tell                              Betty   the dishes on the shelf.
  • shut                             Mrs. Williams  that class last semester.
  • ride                             We   ten dollars over the weekend.
  • spend                          Charles  a friend to the party.      
  • feel                              Professor Willies  the students the answer.
  • put                               Sonia  the car very carefully.
  • teach                           I   the answer in the appendix.

  • choose                     The boys  home an hour ago.          
  • feel                          That tree  three feet last year.
  • take                         Joseph  a pretty tie from the rack.
  • send                        I   a course in American history. 
  • go                           The little  boy     the glass window.
  • meet                       Alice   her pen at school yesterday.
  • lose                        My mother  very sick this morning.
  • stand                     They   a letter to Walter yesterday.
  • fall                        We   his speech on the radio.
  • blow                       The wind   very hard last night.
  • grow                      I on the corner for half an hour.
  • break                     We  our friends there at 5:00 p.m.
  • hurt                        He on the ice and his arm.
  • hear