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Future tenses

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Future Tenses

I.Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verb in brackets ( will or be going to ):

Why are you holding a piece of paper?
B: I (write)  a letter to my friends back home in Barselona.

2. A: I'm about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!
B: I (get)  you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.

3. A: I can't hear the television!
B: I (turn)  it up so you can hear it.

4. We are so excited about our trip next month to France. We (visit)  Paris, Nice and Grenoble.

5. Sue  (come)  to the party. Peter  (be)  there as well.

6. Ted: It is so hot in here!
Sarah: I (turn)  the air-conditioning on.

7. I think he (be)  the next President of the United States.

8. After I graduate, I (attend)  medical school and become a doctor. I have wanted to be a doctor all my life.

9. A: Excuse me, I need to talk to someone about our hotel room. I am afraid it is simply too small for four people.
B: That man at the service counter (help)  you.

10. As soon as the weather clears up, we (walk)  down to the beach and go swimming.

 11.Look, this child  (fall) from the ladder.
12. I think, my mother  (like) this CD.
13. Valdutis  (be) 15 next Saturday.
II. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verb in brackets:  the future simple or the future continuous tenses, then match pictures to the sentences.
1.    I promise I  (call) you as soon as I have any news.
2.   This time tomorrow Tim  (fly) over the Atlantic on his way to Boston.
3.   Those bags look heavy.  I   (carry) one of them for you. 
4.   They are getting married on Saturday.  All the guests   (wear) white.
5.   The following week they  (enjoy) the sun in the West Indies. 
6.   The sky is a bit cloudy.   (rain) do you think?
7.   If you look at this map you  (see) where the islands are.
8.   You should have no problem finding him.  He   (carry) a guitar.
9.  I'm hungry - Oh, I   (make) you a sandwich.
10. This time next month I  (surf) Pacific Ocean.
11. I doubt if robots (replace) factory workers in the next five years.
12. Don't ring me at 7 o'clock tonight. I   (bake) apple pie, ring me at 9.
13. I have a terrible headache. I think I  (take) aspirin.
14.She (sleep) when you telephone her.
15. Tomorrow at nine I (write) a test.