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Communicative functions: KET-like activity

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Communicative Functions:  KET-like activity

Choose the right question word                            

1.  's your name?

2. 's your surname?

3. do you spell your surname?

4. are you from?

5. do you live?

6. 's your best friend?

7. do you do your homework?

8. kind of food do you like?
9. subject do you prefer?
10. subjects do you study?
11. you do in your spare time?
12. 's your favourite food?
13. do you listen to music?
14.  's your favourite singer?
15. are your favourite tv programmes?
16. are you going on holiday next summer?
17. do you go to concerts?
18. do you go there?
19. do you prefer the cinema?
20. hours a day do you watch tv?