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Is and Are

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Is and Are

Directions: Look at the picture. Then complete the sentences with is or are.

1. There �two people in the room.

2. The woman �wearing a blue dress.

3. The man's shoes �black.

4. One chair �red and the other �brown.

5. The man �holding papers.

1. The kids �sitting down.

2. The teacher �reading a story,

3. There �two girls�in the class.

4. There �one boy in the class.

5. The teacher's book �green.

1. The man �mowing the lawn.

2. There �two trees in the yard.

3. The sky �cloudy but it �not raining.

4.�The sun �not out.

5. �it going to rain later?

Directions: Find the word is 10 times. Find the word are 10 times.