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Reported Speech Review 7 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek of Relizane

Third Year Pupils ◄► Scientific Streams

Reference sheet –02

The Reported Speech ◄► Review

EXERCISE 01: Choose the correct answer.

1.◄►       I told him  do it.

2.◄►       He asked us  show our passports.

3.◄►       She asked us if we  finished the work on Monday. 

4.◄►       She asked us  on time.

5.◄►       She asked if she  leave early.

6.◄►       They asked me  going to the party.

7.◄►       He told me  my father.

8.◄►       She said that no one  to the meeting last week.

9.◄►       She told me  she wasn't going to come. 

10.◄►      He asked me what I  if I failed to get the job.

11.◄►      He told me he  be here by three o'clock at the latest and it's half past already. 

12.◄►      She promised she  do it by the end of the week and then let me down.

13.◄►      She said it  raining when she got here.

14.◄►      She explained how  do it.

15.◄►      He said he  her before.


EXERCISE 02 : Put in tell or say.

1.◄►       All the experts  the earth is getting warmer.

2.◄►       Did you  Mark and Sarah how to find our house?

3.◄►       The Sales Manager is going to  everyone about the meeting.

4.◄►       Vicky, why don't you just  what the matter is?

5.◄►       They  they're going to build a new Disney World here.

6.◄►       What did Natasha  about her holiday plans?

7.◄►       Could you  me the way to the train station, please?

8.◄►       The company should  its employees what's going on.

9.◄►       You shouldn't  lies, you know, Matthew.

10.◄►      Did you  anything to Melanie about the barbecue?