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Passive voice

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Put the words in brackets in the correct passive form.†Don't forget about the verb "to be". Don't use short forms.

1.††† Millions of liters of oil (buy) last year. †

2.††† The pizza base (make) with a mixture of oil and water.

3.††† More money (spend) on the project next year.

4.††† Many whales (save) since 1990.

5.††† Our school (open) two years ago.

6.††† Lots of forests (plant) in the future.

7.††† Tomatoes and cheese (put) on the pizza.

8.††† A telephone (invent) by Alexander Bell.

9.††† This bridge (make) in 1748.

10. Too many trees (cut) down since 1960s.

11. †Not enough money (use) on the project last year.

12. The new swimming pool (build) next year.

13. †Every week hundreds of letters (write) to the President.

14. †The national park (create) in 1972.

15. †New campaigns (start) every year.

16. †English (speak) in many countries.

17. †The man (arrest) yesterday.

18. The bathroom (clean) tomorrow.

19. This story (tell) to everyone last Friday.

20. †The guests (drive) to the station next Sunday.

21. This film (show) last week.

22. Bicycles (leave) on the street every day.

23. †My tennis racket (steal) three times so far.†

24. Lunch †(just / serve), so letís go to the dining room. †

25. Many cars (make) in London last year.