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Gulliverīs Travels_ Part 1

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Gulliver's Travels - Part 1
A Voyage to Lilliput

Gulliver was born in .  He worked as a ship’s .  When he was working on the ship , there was a great .  The ship and he swam for many hours in the water. 

When he woke up, he was lying on a beach with around his body.  There were some men walking along him.  When he managed to break the ropes, they shot at him.  He used to communicate with them.  When Gulliver was hungry and thirsty, they gave him to eat. 
The tiny men made a machine with wheels to pull Gulliver to an old , which was the largest building in the country.  They used a lot of to lock him up.  The Emperor, the princess and everyone in the city were surprised to see the giant man.  Not all of them were friendly.  Some shot arrows at him.  The colonel caught the and gave them to him to punish.  Everyone thought that Gulliver was going to them, but to their surprise, he  let them go without hurting them. 
The Emperor gave him , but Gulliver had to promise that he must not leave Lilliput without and he must help the Emperor’s if there was a .  Soon there was a war of between Lilliput and Blefuscu on the correct way to eggs.  The Blefuscu navy was planning to invade Lilliput by .  Gulliver tied all the Blefuscu’s ships together and pulled them to Lilliput.  The Emperor of Lilliput wanted to  the war but Gulliver did not want lots of people to be , so he . 
Once the was on fire.  Gulliver over the palace in order to put out the fire.  It saved the palace from destruction but it the Empress. 
The Emperor and some government ministers did not like Gulliver.  They planned to him and the Emperor wanted to him.  Gulliver travelled to Blefuscu and with the help of the Emperor of Blefuscu, he left there.