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Gullivers Travels - Part 3

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Gulliver's Travels - Part 3
A Voyage to Laputa and Balnibarbi
Gulliver started another voyage in the ship called the to the .  When he got there, the goods were not ready.  He sailed in a smaller ship to the islands nearby to buy and sell goods.  He was attacked by and left on an island. 
One day, he saw a flying in the sky.  It was called Laputa.  The people on the island were .  They had heads, with one eye looked up to the and the other eye looked in the direction.  The clothes of the rich people had pictures of and instruments on them.  The servants of them carried with them.  They used them to touch their masters to make them listen to someone because their masters were and thinkers.  They were with their thoughts. 
The people on the flying island were only interested in mathematics and .  They were good at making , but they were not people at all.  No one wanted to talk to Gulliver about his adventures.  The of the King was the only man on the island who was interested in talking to him. 
After a month, Gulliver left the Laputa and went to Balnibarbi.  There was an Academy at Lagado.  It was full of and each professor was working on a different project.  For example, one of the professors wanted to extract the sunlight from , one wanted to make shorter, and one tried to make a new kind of in which they used instead of words.