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Gulliverīs Travels - Part 4

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Gulliver's Travels - Part 4
A Voyage to Glubbdubrib and Luggnagg
On the way back to England, Gulliver visited a little island of Glubbdubrib.  The Governor there was a .  He could use his power to make any person appear.  He helped Gulliver to meet some heroes, poets and thinkers .  Gulliver asked them questions and their answers made him .  Many heroes were not .  They were and cruel. 
Then he visited Luggnagg and heard about Struldbruggs.  They were people who did not .  They lived forever.  They behaved like ordinary people until they are years old.  They became sad until they were about years old.  When they were eighty years old, they were like other men.  They things, and they became .  After eighty, they lost all their , and they never made new friends.  When they were ninety, they had no at all.  After two hundred years, they cannot even people.  The story of Struldbruggs made Gulliver very sad.  Afterwards he left for England.


A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms
When someone offered Gulliver a ship of his own, the , he left England once again.  Many of the new sailors were and took command of the ship.  Gulliver was left on a foreign island.  On this island, the were called Houyhnhnms.  They could talk.  They were , noble and wise.  The -like creatures were called Yahoos.  They were and dirty.  Gulliver did not want to go back to .  He wanted to spend the rest of his with the Houyhnhnms.  But the great Assembly of the Houyhnhnms wanted him to .  At last Gulliver went home but he still his friends, the Houyhnhnms.