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Test with Lonely Tunes Grade 1-3

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                     Test with Lonely Tunes!   
             1)  Saying hello!                                                        
 Choose the correct answer:
A) Hello!                  A) How are you?
B) Hi!  Bye!          B) I' m ten  I'm fine
A) What's your name?
B)  I am seven I am Rita
It's ten a.m. Good evening  Good morning
It's eight p.m. Good evening  Good morning
A) Bye
B) Hello  See you soon
A) How old is he?
B) She is seven  He's ten
         Correct mistakes: 
My neme     is  Timmy.
I am ten yars  old.
I life   in San Francisco.
I go to shool  every morner
                      2) To be or not to be !                      
Write the correct form of the verb 'to be'  Positive( yes) am/ is/ are
 or negative( no) isn't/ aren't/ am not
Bugs   a rabbit. (yes)           They   elephants. ( yes)
Adam   a pilot. ( no)          They  dogs. (no)
We  at school. ( no)             I at park. (no)
I   near computer. ( yes)        You  close to computer. ( yes)
It  old. ( no)                           Susan  young. ( yes)
 a)         you ten?             a)  Tim one?                                     
 b)  Yes, I .                   b) No, he
a)  they seven?            a)  I ten?
b) No, they                b) No, I
                                                   3) Let's count! Numbers!                  

 Find some numbers!

           4)  Family!                                                   
Choose the correct pair:   
Mother and                                                 Brother and              
dad father                                              grandmother  sister
Dad and                                                      Grandfather and       
mother mum                                         grandmother   aunt
Aunt and                                                    Cousin and
grandmother  uncle                              niece  cousin
Nephew and                                               Little brother and
niece cousin                                           little sister  big sister
                     5) It is mine!                                     
          Write his/ her/ my/ your/ their/ our:
 This is Blue Man. This is   bike.
  I am an owl. This is  book.
 This is you. This is  TV.
  They have newspapers. These are  newspapers.
 We have colorful clothes. These are  clothes.
 Rita likes music. This is  radio.
  6) Colour it!                                                                                                
 What colours can you see in the picture?
       It is
         It has a  body
     It has  leaves
 Bye for now!