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Something New In My Life

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Something New In My Life

Watch the following video and fill in the lyrics

I guess I wanted something new 
A new  to fit a new
To  and see a different  in my life
The one I've been
Dreams like everyone I've had  in my life
Who knew that this one would  in my life
I knew the  when you touched me
you touched me

you're like
 that blew in my life
a new face, a new
, new song
and now I know I wanted you in my life all along

I guess, I must have saved
in my heart
for you to come and fill this  in my heart
that long before I said I loved you
I love you

this is true in my life
when all the springs have come and gone
whatever dance I made or do in my life
that I may do in my life
you'll always be something new in my life
from now on

I know there always will be you in my life
from now on...

yeah... yeah.....yeah....
Here comes the original version by Stephen Bishop! ENJOY IT!!!