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Complete the sentences. Use the passive (present or past) of the verbs:

1.Your room should (clean) every Saturday.

2. A tree  (blow) down in the storm last Friday.

3. Butter (make) from milk.

4. This house (build) now.

5. My watch (repair) yesterday.

6. The final examination (hold) next month.

7. These books (print) in 1976.

8. The knife (make) of steel.

9. The bridge (build) before the Second World War.

10. The gate (lock) every night.

11. His father (injure) in the car crush last night.

12. I (bear) in 1970.

13. Flowers (sell) in that shop.

14. A lot of rice (grow) in Thailand since 1900.

15. The office (tidy) every morning.

16. The boy (beat) by a fat man last night.

17. My finger  (cut) yesterday.

18. His hair ought to  (cut) every month.

19. Tommy  (scold) by Miss Chan lately.

20. That shop  (close) next Monday.


  Easy ?!
Let's try some more!!

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs.

1.The pyramids  (build) in Egypt a few thousand years ago.

2. Mrs. Lee  (teach) this class for 10 years.

3. The fund  (set) up in 1980.

4. The teacher (punish) the students yesterday.

5. The pupils  (clean) the blackboard every day.

6. His pets  (feed) by his mother daily.

7. The files  (take) away by Eric tomorrow.

8. English  (study) almost everywhere.

9. He  (fail) in the examination again.

10. The dying man  (rush) to hospital.


                                                                                                                                           Good Job!! 

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. The pupils had cleaned the blackboard when the teacher came.


2. Mrs. Lee threw away the broken book-case.


3. My mother is washing our clothes at the moment.


4. The police questioned the men.


5. He took away my umbrella.        


6. The police searched all the passengers.