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Boat Race

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The Boat Race

1. The cox is...
the person who shouts intructions to the team
the person who trains the rowers
the person who encourages the rowers to win
2. An oar is...
a pole which is used for rowing a boat
a machine which is used to give instructions to the rowers
a kind of boat
3. The spectators are...
people who give money to the teams
people who are watching the race
people who are fans of one of the teams
4. What is a "dead heat"?
a competition taking place in summer
a competition in which two or more competitors finish at exactly the same time or with exactly the same result
a competition in which the winner is the one that finishes before the rest of the competitors
5. Choose the word that suits best in the sentence
a. These flowers generally grow on�______ and near streams.
river banks
oars of the boat
the opposite team