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Ottawa, Ontario , Canada

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Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

The Capital of Canada��

Listen first and then answer the questions.
1. Is Ottawa Canada's third largest city?
2. In what year did Queen Victoria pick Ottawa to be Canada's captial?
3. What is the average�temperature in January?
4. How many tourists come to Ottawa every year?
5. Where are Canada's main government buildings located?
Parliament Place ���Central Block �� Parliament Hill �� Parliament Central
6. What city�does The Rideau Canal connect to?��
7. When was the Canal given UNESCO status?
8. Which country gave Canada tulip bulbs�as a gift?
9. Does Ottawa plant the most tulips per person in the world? no / yes
10. What's the name of Canada's most visited museum?
11. What do you think "Hedged Mazes" are?
12. How many large mazes are part of Saunder's Farm?