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Nova Scotia, Canada

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Listen to the video about Canada's Maritime province of Nova Scotia and answer the questions below.
1. What does Nova Scotia mean?
2. How many kilomentres of coast line does Nova Scotia have?
3. What is the classic image of Nova Scotia?
4. What year did the Canadian Government ban the fishing of Cod fish?
5. Has the ban been lifted?� yes � /� no
6. Is Nova Scotia mountainous?� yes � /� no�
7. a) Who made farming possible?
b) And what else did these people bring with them?�
8. What was the original name of Annapolis?�
9. What is the modern capital of Nova Scotia?
10. How many people live in the capital?�
11. What was Canada's port of entry for immigrants called?
12. How far was the Titanic from Halifax when it sunk?