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Kitchen Vocabulary

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      What's in the Kitchen?

1. Write the correct number under each picture.

1. Measuring spoons
2. Cutting board
3. Freezer
4. Sink
5. Scale
6. Dish washer
 2. Write the correct word.  Check the word bank. 
baking sheet - knife - blender - fork - refrigerator - spoon - toaster                      
3. Right or wrong? Write the correct answer.
     Is this a refrigerator? Yes  This is a .
    Is this a tea pot? Yes    This is a .
      Is this a sieve?  Yes   This is a
          Is this is a glove? Yes This is an .
       Is this a can opener?  Yes  This is a .
       Is this a blender?  Yes  This is a .
  Is this a microwave?  Yes  This is a .
4. Write the correct number next to each word.
           1                 2                3                 4
             5                  6               7              8
   Muffin tin     Vegetable peeler   Rolling pin   Pie tin 
   Cookie cutter  Paper towell   Meat grinder  Cup and saucer
                                                                                                             Good Luck!