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Jobs, Careers and Occupations

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Careers, Jobs and Lifestyles
Part I: Multiple Choice
Instructions: Look at the pictures and choose the appropriate option that names the illustrated occupation.
This person is a(n) .
This person is a .
This person is a .
This person is a(n) .
This person is a .
This person is a(n) .
This person is a(n) .
This person is a .
This person is a(n) .
This person is a(n) .
Part II: Short Answer
Instructions: Read the following text: “The Different Careers”, and complete the blanks with the appropriate words.
The words that can be used are the following: (There are 3 extra options)
                                         Engineer     Astronaut     Vet     Police Officer     Lawyer     Mail Carrier     Doctor    
                                         Flight Attendant     Dentist     Teacher     Plumber     Chef     Firefighter

The Different Careers

Nowadays, there are many different careers that one can choose. For example, if you like sharing your knowledge with others, you can become a(n)   (1). This  job is  not  easy,  but at least you will get summer  vacation like all  the  students  do.  If  you  do not like that one, you can  become a(n)  (2). This career is excellent for those who have a good sense of authority, since you will have to make sure people abide by the law. If someone breaks the law, you can arrest him/her. But if what you want is to help people, why not become a(n) (3)? That way, when people get sick, you can help them feel better. If you do not  like  this  profession,  you  can  become  a(n) (4). That  careers  requires  knowing  medicine, but  you  would only work on people’s dental  health. If you like medicine,  but  you  do not want to cure people, you can also help animals, you can  become a(n)   (5). Another good job if you want to help people is that of a(n) (6). But this is a dangerous job, since you would have to be very close to fire all the time, trying to put them out. If you want to work in something safer, there are many other options. Would you like to go to the moon? Maybe you can work as a(n) (7). Or maybe you can work as a(n) (8), delivering mail. If that still does not suit you, you can also consider  working  as  a  (9). It may be boring to serve food to people, but at least you will be doing it on a plane. That way, you would be able to travel more. The last option I can tell you about is an interesting job in which you must fix pipes. If you do not mind doing that, you can become a(n) (10). I hope you have found a career that you like. If not, keep looking. You will find one that is just perfect for you!                                               

Part III: Matching
Instructions: Based on the reading: “The Search For the Perfect Job”, match the information of column B by writing the letters in the parenthesis of column A.  The answers can be used one, several or no time.

The Search For the Perfect Job

            This is the story of Nathan’s search for the perfect job. He had just graduated from high school when he started his quest. His first job was as a waiter. He didn’t mind serving food, but what bothered him was that sometimes the clients got angry at him, so he quit. After that, he tried to work as a mechanic. He didn’t know very much about cars, but he learned quickly. Nathan loved that job. Nevertheless, he found its flaw: he didn’t like getting grease on his hands. Later on, Nathan tried working as a chef. That job didn’t last very long since he was not a good cook. He was fired on his third day. Soon after that, he decided to try becoming a police officer. Big mistake! He soon realized that the training was very tough. He wasn’t strong enough for that kind of job. Other than that, he had a big discipline problem; he was constantly getting into fights with other people, so he was kicked out of the police academy. After all these experiences, Nathan came to the conclusion that the perfect job does not exist.                            

                 Column A                                                                                                        Column B

1.      What was Nathan’s first job?

                                                                     a. Clients got mad at him.

2.      In which job did Nathan have a discipline problem?

                                    b. Waiter.

3.      What did Nathan dislike about working as a mechanic?

                              c. It does not exist.

4.      Why did Nathan get fired when he was working as a chef?

                         d. Yes.

5.      What was Nathan’s conclusion about the perfect job?

                                e. He did not cook well.

6.      In which job did Nathan have to serve food?

                                              f. His hands got dirty.

7.      When did Nathan Start looking for the perfect job?

                                    g. Police officer.

8.      Why did Nathan quit his first job?

                                                              h. Chef

9.      Nathan was not strong enough to work in which occupation?

                      i. No
     10.  Did Nathan like working as a mechanic?                                                       j. After he finished high school.
                                                                                                                                        k. Mechanic