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Test for young children

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A) What's this?                                                            B) Choose the correct answer.

1)My                                           It's                                                                  
2) My                                             It's
3) My                                         It's
4) My                                             It's
5) My                                               It's

C) What's the number?                                                 D) Complete with "a" or "an"

1)Three + two =                                   1) pen

2) Four + = five                                     2) dog
3)Two + five=                                     3) orange
4) + four= eight                                    4) elephant

E) Complete with "am", "is" or "are"       F) Complete with: What, How, This or Who

1) I  twelve.                                              1)  is my father.

2) She my mother                                     2) old are you?
3) Who your teacher?                               3)  is your name?
4) You Tom.                                            4) is your mother?
5) It  my turn.

G) Answer the questions?                             H)Choose the right answer

A: Hi! How are you?                                     1)mother's name is Luisa

You:                                                                                   2)  is my brother.
A: What's your first name?                              3)  best friend is Emma.
You: Micaela.                            4) best friend is Tomas.
A: How old are you?                                        5) name is Lucas.
You:  nine.
A: Me too! Who's your teacher?
You: Nancy.
A: OK. Bye!