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Comparative and Superlative

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comparative and superlative
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Adjectives - Comparatives and Superlatives
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Comparative and Superlative
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comparative and superlative
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Superlative and Comparative - adjectives
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Complete the sentences using the correct form of the adjective.
1. Mark is �(tall) than Kathy because he is �(old).
2. "Pirates of the Caribbean" is �(entertaining) than "Edward scissorhands".
3. I am �(good) than you in sports.
4. My father is �(rich) than before, he has a new job!
5. Why is my room��(small) than hers? I want the big one!
6. I find �(interesting) to watch documentaries than comedies.
7. I don't know why "Terminator" was �(successful) than "Robocop".
8. Do you think Manchester United is �(popular) than Liverpool Football Club? You are crazy!
9. I went to bed �(early) than usual last night, I was so tired!
10. Jim Carrey is �(funny) than Adam Sandler, that's for sure.
11. There is nothing �(boring) than romantic movies.
12. Nowadays�students are �(bad) than before, they have no respect towards adults
Complete the sentences using the adjective in brackets in its superlative form.
1. Mark is �(tall) of his class.
2. "Pirates of the Caribbean" is�� (entertaining) movie I have ever seen.
3.� My mum says that I am �(good) football player ever.
4. Bill Gates is �(rich) person in the world.
5. My room is �(small) in the house, this is so unfair.
6. "Grizzly Man" is one of ��(interesting) Herzog's documentaries.
7. Titanic was �(successful) film of the year.
8. Manchester United was elected as �(popular) football team in England.
9. "REC" is definitely �(scary) film ever! I really wanted the movie to end!
10. Jim Carrey is �(funny) actor of all, he made me laugh a lot in "The Mask".
11. Romantic movies are �(boring) films, I can't believe people actually watch them!
12. My girlfriend is �(bad) cook ever, her food is horrible but I love her so much!
Now, write the correct form of the adjective in brackets depending on the meaning of the sentence.

1. When I was �(young), my two sisters were �(tall) than me, but I grew 7 centimetres in only 6 months! So now I am (tall) of my siblings.
2. Kelly's house is (big) than mine, but that doesn't mean it is� (big) of this city. Kelly's family is not (rich) family but they bought (expensive) house of all! We decided to buy a house that is (cheap) than Kelly's because we have to pay my brother's university. His university is one of (good) in our country!
3. Franz thinks he is (bad) basketball player of the school, but I think he is not. I told him a thousand times that he now plays (good) than before.