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Open Cloze: Want to sleep better?

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Want to Sleep Better?

Turn Off Electronic Accessories

By: Neil McLaughlin

Nowadays most people sleep in a room is lit up like a Christmas tree. The alarm clock shows the time bright red. The cell phone is charging. The Computer is running. The DVD clock is flickering 12:00. The answering machine has more lights R2D2. Are people so afraid of the dark they prefer this many night lights? Each and every energy source takes a small toll on the sleep pattern of people nearby, bombarding them with various forms radiation as they sleep. The following are some devices to be careful :

Alarm Clock
Red LEDs interrupt sleep more than types. For this reason it is best to not have any electric alarm clock near the bed. Try to find old-fashioned one that requires winding and has actual bells on top, or move it to the next room.

Cell Phone Charger
While cell phones be turned off at night, the charger often has some light indicating power and perhaps another showing the battery level. Some beep they are done charging. It is best to charge phones in the kitchen or someplace† than the bedroom. Note that most cell phones are always on and one must actually remove the battery to be sure they are transmitting.

Cordless Phone and Base
While cell phones have had a lot of bad press regarding their causing brain tumors, few have noted that cordless phones can equally dangerous. The main culprit is not actually the handset but the base itself, acts like a mini cell phone tower, blasting radiation 24/7. The worst part is, the base is often kept right next to the bed. It should be moved to another room, or better replaced with an old-fashioned corded phone †the one shown in the picture above.

†† Computer Fan
Computer fans start quiet on new computers but become increasingly loud, eventually failing and causing the computer to overheat, whereby the computer will perform even slower and erratic. If can hear the fan, it needs to be cleaned.

TV, Radio, DVD, Video Game Console, iPod
You may be used to falling asleep with certain devices . DVD players often play automatically, looping on the menu screen while playing the maddening 12 second theatrical sound byte over over. It is best to power down any devices your room.

humans could see the electromagnetic sources around them, they would know they are being bombarded with various types of radiation constantly. Radio waves, cell phone towers, WiFi cable, power lines, transformers, and electronic devices in our homes contribute small and large amounts of energy constantly. This has only the case for the last 50-100 years.

Most of these devices are frivolous as humans survive in the wilderness with only about 7 items including sipping straw, digging stick, cutting blade, water canteen, fishing line, throwing spear and flint stone. People assume modern devices make their lives much easier, but any advantage they gain toward higher productivity only translates higher corporate profits, and they trade away intuitive connections with nature that are essential for survival. Meanwhile work hours continue increase while hunter gatherers only worked a three or four day week, spending the rest of time socializing.

While people tend to get used to being surrounded electronics, things certainly feel a lot quieter when the power in the neighborhood is . Turning off devices canít hurt, and one can certainly sleep better knowing that their electric bill be lower next month.

adapted from sirianrevelations.net