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Crop Circles: Listening and Reading Comprehension

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Watch the video and choose the correct answers.


1 What can Johnny see?               


2 What does Richard have for breakfast?

3 Why has Richard arranged this trip to the field?


4 What does the elderly lady think about crop circles?


5 When do crop circle artists usually work?


6 What do they use to create crop circles?


7 How long does it take to make a crop circle?


8. Is the job of a crop circle maker tough?


How Do You Make a Crop Circle?

To get to know the answer to the above question complete the following article (http://science.howstuffworks.com/crop-circle5.htm)  with the words in the box. There are two extra words that you do not need.

geometric   appear      come         steps        simple      creation    patterns    hard

Crop circles to be very intricate formations, with many shapes linked in sophisticated . But the basics of crop-circle and the tools involved are actually fairly .

In general, circle makers follow the following :

The steps have been jumbled. Put them in the correct order.

Once they arrive at the field, they use ropes and poles to measure out the circle.

The team makes the radius of the circle using a long piece of rope tied at both ends to an approximately 4-foot-long board called a stalk stomper (a garden roller can also be used). One member of the team stands at the centre of the circle while the other walks around the edge of the circle, putting one foot in the middle of the board to stomp down the circle's outline.

Create a diagram of the design (although some circle makers decide to come up with an idea spontaneously when they arrive at their intended site).

Choose a location.

One circle maker stands in the middle of the proposed circle and turns on one foot while pushing the crop down with the other foot to make a centre.


Fill in the crossword using words from the text which tells you the steps of how to make crop circles.
3 4 5
1 happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning

2 step down hard on someone or something

3 place or position

4 a straight line joining the centre of a circle to its edge

5 pieces of strong, thick cord made of long twisted fibres

6 long thin sticks of wood or metal