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          FRIENDLY                                   LAZY                     OUTGOING                        POLITE                          RUDE
      WISE                     ACTIVE                           SILLY                    SLOW                      AFRAID                   INDUSTRIOUS 
    COWARDLY                    HELPFUL                    CLEVER                            HARDWORKING        BRAVE                        INDIFFERENT
POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE? Tick only positive features.
  1. FRIENDLY                                      
  2. LAZY                        
  3. OUTGOING                           
  4. POLITE                              
  5. RUDE                
  6. WISE                     
  7. ACTIVE                       
  8. SILLY                   
  9. SLOW                  
  10. AFRAID           
  12. COWARDLY         
  13. HELPFUL                 
  14. CLEVER                      
  16. BRAVE               

1.    My friend is not  she is industrious.

2.    My sibling is not  he is hardworking.

3.    My mistress is not  she is polite.

4.    My teacher is not  she is clever.

5.    My brother is not  he is brave.

6.    The girl is not  she is helpful.

7.    The children are not  they are wise.

8.    Her friend is not  she is active.


1.    If you are  you always help people.

2.    If you are  you have a lot of energy.

3.    If you are  you think before doing something.

4.    If you are  you will always know how to get out of different difficult situations.

5.    If you are  you will achieve success in your life.

6.    If you are  you always greet people.

7.    If you are  you brain works well.

8.    If you are  you are not afraid of spidersJ.

9.    If you are  you make friends easily.


1.   active                 Someone who has very little energy

    2.   brave                  Someone who is fearless

3.   clever                 Someone who is knows many things

4.   closed                Someone who likes new friends        

5.   cowardly             Someone who is afraid of everything

6.   dumb witted       Someone who knows many things      

7.  hardworking        Someone who does not work            

8.  helpful                Someone who helps other people

9.   indifferent         Someone who does not care of anything

10.            industrious     Someone who cannot think of any things

11. lazy                    Someone who does not like to do anything

12.   polite                Someone who never says “hello”        

13.   rude                  Someone who says bad things to others

14.   silly                   Someone who knows a lot of things   

15.   slow                  Someone who cannot do things quickly

16.   sluggish             Someone who cares about everything 

17.   wise                  Someone who knows much and do things right

18.  outgoing            Someone who can make friends easily