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5 exercises for pre-intermediate students

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1.��� Don�t go out. It �����. hard now.
a. rains������������������������� b. rain�������������������������� c. is raining

2.��� I ����. a brother. I am the only child in my family.
a. have not������������������� b. do not have������������� c. does not have

3.��� They ���. waiting for me outside.
a. are���������������������������� b. is������������������������������ c. am

4.��� She ����� home. She is not here.
a. has gone��������������������b. have gone���������������� c. has went

5.��� We ����. wait for you any longer.
a. can not��������������������� b. can�t not����������������� c. cannot

6.��� They ����� study French at school.
a. does not�������������������� b. do not����������������������c. are not

7.��� We have ���� you in the park.
a. sees���������������������������� b. see�������������������������� c. seen

8.��� She did not ����� her homework properly.
a. wrote������������������������� b. write����������������������� c. written

9.��� The girl ����answer the question last lesson.
a. cannot����������������������� b. could not�����������������c. does not

10. The children ��.. home very quickly as they did not want to get wet.
a. ran������������������������������ b. run������������������������� c. running

11.My little sister �����.. in the next room now.
a. plays���������������������������� b. is playing������������������ c. play

Insert a missing word

1.��� They �not like getting up early.

2.��� She �been to London twice.

3.��� I �waiting for you.

4.��� �he like ice-cream?

5.��� They did �tell me anything.

6.��� Yesterday I �do the exercises in 25 minutes!

7.��� I �a dog and a cat.

8.��� She �have a brother.

9.��� �do you live?

10. I �known Lisa for five years.

Insert the missing words

1.��� She �sitting at the window.

2.��� Why �you call me yesterday?

3.��� She �not like onions.

4.��� We �brought you a present.

5.��� I �come again tomorrow.

6.��� She �speak three languages.

7.��� They �not open the door yesterday.

8.��� I did �promise you to help.

9.��� We have �this book.

10. The story �very interesting.

11.My mother does �work every day.

12.She has �brother.

13.do you live?

������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 24th June, 2010

Hello Felix,

I -1- you from my grandmother�s house. I -2- here on holiday yesterday. School -3- last week. I -4- good marks in English and Latvian this year, but I -5- good marks in mathematics.

Now I am alone. My granny -6- to work. She is a very busy woman. She -7- five days a week. Now I am at home together with my grandfather. He is a pensioner. He -8- to work. My cousin -9- here too tomorrow. I think that then we -10- more fun.

Now I -11- at the table and writing you this letter. My grandfather is in his room. I think he -12- TV. He -13- different programs but his favorite is about hunting. My cat -14- in the armchair. I -15- summer but I -16- to stay alone.

Write to me some of your news. -17- you like summer? What marks -18- you get at school last year? What -19- you do next month?



A am writing

B is writing

C write


A come

B came

C comes


A finishes

B is finishing

C finished


A get

B got

C will get


A do not get

B did not got

C did not get


A has gone

B have gone

C has went


A work

B is working

C works


A goes not

B does not go

C does not goes


A will come

B came

C comes


A had

B have

C will have


A am sitting

B sit

C sat


A watches

B is watching

C watched


A likes

B is liking

C will like


A is sleeping

B sleeps

C could sleep


A am liking

B like

C liked


A am not liking

B does not like

C do not like


A Do

B Does

C Did


A do

B does

C did


A do

B will

C did

Insert �have, -has, had

1.��� I �a brother and a sister.

2.��� She �already gone home.

3.��� They �some problems last year.

4.��� We �known each other for a long time.

5.��� He �a bad mark yesterday.

6.��� They did not �a cat when they lived in Riga.

7.��� She �a new bag. Look!

8.��� They �written the exercise.

9.��� Does she �a sister?

10. We do not �any questions.

11.They �not come yet.

12.I �a birthday last week.