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Use of Electrical Appliances Online Excersice

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I Part. Multiple Choice. (10 pts)

Instructions: Read carefully the statements about instructions to use devices and complete the information by choosing the correct option.

1.����� Before we turn on an electric device, we .

2.����� For the TV to start working, we.

3.����� we plug the microwave. Then, we choose the time in the keyboard.

4.����� After choosing the time in the microwave, we

5.����� To begin, you plug the computer, then you turn it on and you wait until Windows is loaded.

6.����� To use the printer, we turn it on and then

7.����� For the speakers to work in the computer, we . Then we turn them on and at last we turn up the volume.

8.����� To use an iron we plug it in. Then, we turn it on, and we

9.����� If the radio�s volume is too high, we need to

10.Before we turn on the washing machine, should be inside.

II part � Matching. (10 pts)

Instructions: The statements in column A are descriptions of electrical appliances, the words in column B are names of electrical appliances. Match the name with their corresponding description by writing the correct letter in the parentheses. The answers can be used one, several or no time. There are two options left in column B.



Device that is used to warm food


A- Washing machine

Device in which people watch programs


B- Lender

People can use it to chat, play, write and draw.


C- Television

It is used to keep food fresh and cold.


D- Computer

It is used to wash shirts, skits and much more.


E- Printer

It is used to remove wrinkles from clothes.


F- Radio

People use it to print their documents.


G- Video game console

Teenagers love using them to play.


H- Iron

It is used to remove the dust from the floor.


I- Refrigerator

It is normally used ot listen to music and programs


J- Microwave

K- Vacuum Cleaner

L- Telephone