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Comprehension -- Helen Keller

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������ Helen Keller

1���������� When Helen Keller was just a baby, she was very ill. From then on, she

could not see. She could not hear. She did not learn to talk when other

children did.

2���������� Think what that would be like! Such a world is dark and quiet. You

could not see all the kinds of flowers and animals. You would not hear

songs or a friend��s voice. You would not even know what your friend

looked like. This was Helen��s world �C still and dark.


3���������� There seemed to be no way to teach Helen. For a long time her parents

did not know what to do for her. And then, when she was six years old,

they sent for a teacher. Her name was Anne Sullivan. She was almost blind

herself. She felt she could help Helen learn to lead a full life.


4���������� Anne found it hard to teach Helen. The child was a wild thing! She

yelled and shouted in a strange voice. She pulled Anne��s hair and bit her.

But Anne was wise. And, in the end, Helen came to love her.

5���������� By and by, Helen learned to ��hear�� by putting her hands on people��s

throats. She could feel what they said. She learned to read books made just

for the blind. She learned to talk, too.

6���������� Everyone was surprised at what Helen could do. Years ago, people like

her just sat in their dark worlds. No one had time for them. No one knew

what to do for them. But Helen went to school. She did well there. As time

went on, she wrote books. She gave talks. She helped the blind.

7���������� Helen had grown to be a wise, busy woman. The wild young girl had

come a long way!

A. Choose the best answer and write the LETTER in the box.

1.Helen Keller couldn��t see or hear because she had been �

a. very ill as a baby

b. hurt in a car crash

c. hit with a stone

2.At first, because she couldn��t see or hear, Helen did not learn to

a. walk

b. eat

c. talk

3.Because Helen was so wild, Anne Sullivan had to

a. leave the Keller house

b. work very hard with her

c. find another job

4.Helen learned to ��hear�� by touching another��s

a. ear

b. mouth

c. throat

5.People were surprised at Helen Keller because

a. they expected her to do nothing

b. she learned to talk and ��hear�� and write

c. Both a and b

B. Find the word from the passage that fits the given meaning.

1.Unhealthy; not well

2.without sound; still ������� �������������������

3.not able to see

4.took hold of and tugged


C.� Find the best words from the passage to fill the blanks.

1. Didn��t you me calling you?

2. Janet is my very best .

3. A person is one who knows a lot and has good sense.

4. The mother bird dropped food down her babies�� .

5. I was very by the letter I got today.