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Present Perfect Simple vs Past Tense Simple

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PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE - PAST SIMPLE ? Choose the correct tense and form:
 1) My aunt is a film star. She  in four movies so far.
 2)  When Grandpa was a kid, he  to school by bus, he  all the way - it  him almost an hour!
 3)  any good movies lately? - No, not really. The last movie I liked  Jurassic Park!
 4)  I  any news from Berta recently - is everything okay with her?
 5) Yesterday evening somebody  into the Brownsī house and  their Picasso!
 6) When Dad was little he  a pet. It  a dog. His name was Spotty because he  big dots on his back.
 7)   any books by Mr Miller? - Yes, I , but I  them. They were so boring to read!
 8) Mumīs really angry with me. I  my room since Christmas - itīs a mess!
 9)  I  Dad a tie for his last birthday. He  it, so he  it back to the shop
       and  some funny socks instead.
10) Pleeeeeease, Dad, can I go to the concert? I  my homework, I  the dog, I  my room,
       and I  out the rubbish. Iīm such a good kid! - Okay, but be back before midnight, alright?
       Thanks, Dad - youīre the best!
11)  I canīt wear my new dress today. I  it yesterday evening and  ,
       so it  all dirty and I  it yet.
12) I  with that company for three years now. I  working here right after college.
13)  My parents  this house twelve years ago. Before that they  in Chicago, but they  the city.
14) Oh, I hope weīll win the match! We  so hard, we  thousands of exercises,
       and we  a lot of money on jerseys!
15)  Do you know that new band "The Twelve Monkeys"?
       No, I  of them yet.  any of their music?
      Yes, I  . I  them last week. They  in our school two weeks ago. It  great!