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Vocabulary: School subjects and school objects

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Vocabulary: School subjects and School objects
a) Label the pictures with the given words.
    - pencil            - notebook            - schoolbag            - pencil case            - ruler
    - pen               - book                  - pencil sharpener   - eraser



b) What are these subjects?

               Example:     H t o y i s r     =>     History
     1.  P i c l h a s y     E c n d o t u i a     = >
     2.  M i u c s     =>    
     3.  E l i n h s g     =>    
     4.  S e n i c e c     =>    

      5.  M s h a t     =>    
     6.  I f n m n n o i a r t     T c n l o o y g e h     =>