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The Passive

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1. Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE:

a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students.
b) The exams (correct) in the teacher's room.
c) That car (drive) by a professional driver.
d) I (give) a wonderful present for my birthday every year.
e) These apples (grow)  by my grandfather.
f) A lot of water (drink) during the race.
g) Chinese (learn) in that school.

2. Complete with the PAST SIMPLE PASSIVE:

a) We (send) a strange email yesterday.
b) Alice (give) a scholarship last year.
c) Those delicious chocolate muffins (cook) by my grandmother.
d) They (tell) to stay in their houses during the storm.
e) The apple pie (eat) by the children.
f) The most expensive jacket (buy) by my best friend.
g) The window (break) by a couple of boys who were playing football.

3. Complete with the FUTURE SIMPLE PASSIVE:

a) The exam results (announce) by the head  teacher.
b) All the activities in the workbood (do) during the school year.
c) Every student (give) a password and a user name.
d) The guests to the party (invite) by letter.
e) The exam (retake) next Monday.
f) I think the party (consider) a great success.
g) We think the football match (win) by the German team.

4. Complete with the PRESENT PERFECT PASSIVE:

a) The children (tell) to stay inside the house all morning.
b) The vegetables (wash) before eating.
c) All the books in that list (read) by our students.
d) The sportive activities (organise) by the P.E teacher.
e) Anne (offer) a new job in New York.
f) That journalist (hire) by an important newspaper.
g) Paul Auster's new book (release) this week.

5. Join the passive sentences with the picture:


a) The cows are milked every morning.
b) All those beautiful decorations were chosen by my sister.
c) The baby has been given a wonderful surprise.
d) Your suit will be finished next week.
e) The fruit cake was eaten by the children.