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Watch the video first:
Can you guess what these words mean? Tick the numbers:

(1)   ingredients

    get out the seeds

(2)   teaspoon

    the mixture you put on top

(3)   core

    cut into pieces

(4)   peel

    all the things you need for cooking

(5)   slice

    you use it for eating soup

(6)   lid

    you use it for mixing sugar into your tea

(7)   tablespoon

    cut off the skin

(8)   topping

    you use it to put on the pan to close it
Mr Faircliff wrote Titli a letter.
He needs cheering up because
 his cat died.
 he has lost all his money.
 he´s a fan of a very bad football club.
  plain flour
  wholemeal flour
  brown sugar
  ground cinnamon
Fill in the numbers to make the correct order:
 Put them in a pan with a table spoon of water
 Bake the crumble
 Add cinnamon and butter into the bowl
 Sift the plain and wholemeal flour into a bowl
 Put the apple and juice in a casserole dish
 Cook the apples for a while
 Spread the crumble mix on top
 Add the sugar and mix
 Mix the flour and butter
 Core, peel and slice the apples
 Add a little sugar and butter to the apples
Tick the correct words:
cook gently for  10   15   minutes
mix with   machine   hands
 press down the crumbles on the apples  spread the crumbles lightly over the apples
bake the apple crumble at  180°C   200°C 
for about   25-30 minutes   35-40 minutes
Do you know what tastes really lovely with warm apple crumble?
Vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream ... mhhhhhh! Yummy! :o)