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Dictionary Skills - HOT words

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Dictionary Skills

Use a dictionary (either online or your book) to� find the words that are defined by each phrase.

All of the answers contain the word HOT. Some of your answers may be a one word answer. Other answers may be two or more words. Put a space between the answer if it is more than one word. Also, always use the base form of the verb or the singular noun.
A telephone survice for the public to use to get help in emergencies. ANSWER: hotline
A small portable device with a metal plate used for cooking or heating food. ANSWER: hot plate
1. A small cooked sausage that is mild in flavor and is usually served in a long roll.
2. A difficult situation.
3. A pancake.
4.� To start a car by connecting the wires in the electrical system without using a key.
5. An informal adjective for an attractive person.
6. A very popular place.
7. Talk that is meant to sound important but does not mean very much.
8. A place where something grows or develops very easily.
9. A place where hot�water flows out of the ground.
10. A large tub of hot water in which people sit to relax.