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Songs with Colours in the title

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Songs with colours in their title a multiple choice music quiz about colours

The video above is by Billy Idol and is called "White Wedding". What punk band gave Billy his start?
a) The Sex Pistols    b) The Clash      c) Generation X       d) Skids
Finish the title of the Moody Blues Hit....
a)Nights in blue satin   b) Nights in white satin    c)Nights in pink satin    d) Nights in green satin
The video above is the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine". What record label released the song originally?
a) Orange  b) Grape    c)Pear      d) Apple
What band had a huge hit with "Yellow"?
a) Coldplay      b) Greenday   c) Clean white Ts      d) Rolling Stones
Which artist had a number one with "Mellow Yellow"?
a) Dylan    b) Donovan   c) Danna    d) Vanda
99 Red Balloons by Nena. Where was Nena from?
a) England   b) USA       c) Holland    d) Germany
What colour was Chris Deburgh's "lady" wearing?
a) Red     b) Blue    c) Black     d)Green
UB40 were drinking which red liquid?
a) Strawberry juice   b) Wine   c) Raspberry juice    d) Bloody Mary
My Blue Heaven by Fats Domino. What colour hill did Fats Domino sing about?
a) Greenberry    b) Blackberry   c) Blueberry    d) Yellowberry
New order had a hit with what colour monday?
a) Blue Monday   b) Red Monday   c) Green Monday     d) Black Monday
Brown girl in the ring by BoneyM. Which country were Boney M from?
a) UK   b) Holland   c) West Germany    d) Poland
The stranglers had a hit with which two colour titled song?
a) Golden Yellow  b) Black and White  c)Red and Green  d)Golden Brown
Which Crooner had a hit with "Green Green Grass of Home"?
a)Englebert Humperdink  b)Tony Christie   c) Tom Jones   d) Adam Faith
"Young gifted and Black" by Bob and Marcia. What music style is this song sung in?
a) Blue Grass    b) Reggae     c) Disco      D) Country
  Who had a huge hit with "Purple Rain"?
a) Queen   b) King      c) Princess     d) Prince
How Many Colour Songs Did You Get?
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