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Kindergarten children

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EYES, EARS ,NOSE, MOUTH. Children, kids , kindergarten
Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
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Very Young Learners: Short Vowels Test (CVC)
Level: elementary
Age: 3-7
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Age: 6-12
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What are you thankfuk for? Thanksgiving song for children
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Age: 3-10
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English Practice for Kindergarten Children
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Age: 5-6
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String the pearls
Level: elementary
Age: 3-6
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               The bears  stars.    The bear  a star.  The bear  soap bubbles.    The bear  a cloud.
The bear a cloud.  The bears  an ice-cream.        The bear  two hearts.         The bear  a yellow sun on its stomach.
The bear a rainbow.    The bears  an umbrella.   The bear two stars.     The bear  a present. The bears  a chat.
STANDING                             EATING                                DANCING                             SITTING
EATING                                  SITTING                                HIDING                                  SWIMMING
DRINKING                             FISHING                              DRIVING                                 SLEEPING
SMILING                                      HIDING                      SKATING                                   WAVING
FLYING                                        SKATING                   SLEEPING                                  SITTING
SITTING                                       PAINTING                 COOKING                                 STANDING