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Remember:good-bad, hard-light, dirty-clean, slow-fast, hot-cold, new-old,young-old,big-small,
weak-strong, happy-sad, long-short, tall-short, beautiful-ugly, high-low, sunny-rainy.
1.Choose the correct adjective.
2. Write the correct word under the picture.


3. Copy the sentences into your notebooks and draw the picture to the sentences.
a) The girl is tall.                                       e) The elephant is big.
b) The frog is small.                                    f) My notebook is clean.
c) The turtle is slow.                                    g) The ruler is long.
d) My grandfather is old.                               h) The clown is sad.
4. Tick the correct word.
old  young             strong   weak                       thick  thin              small  big          big  small        young old
     weak  strong                   short long              cold hot                    sad happy         high low                sunny rainy
                                                                                       Created by Elvira