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Present Perfect & Past Simple.

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                             Present Perfect & Past Simple. 

Look at the following sentences and fill the gaps using Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1 Barbara  a camera last month.(buy) She  a lot of photographs this week.(take)

2 Gabriel  to the theatre twice this week (be) Yesterday he  Sue to go with him (invite)
3 Our factory  10.000 cars last year, but production of cars this year  yet. (produce/ not start)
4 What are you looking for? I'm looking for my gloves. I  them on the table ten minutes ago.  you  them?(leave/have,see)
5 The rain  but a cold wind is still blowing.(stop)
6 The sun  yet, but the sky in the east is getting lighter every minute.( not to rise)
7 We  to the country yesterday, but the rain  all the pleasure.(go/spoil)
8 It is very late,and trams  running: we must find a taxi to get home.(stop)
9 My watch was going in the morning, but now it  (stop)
10 I  my shoes. They are ready. (clean)