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 I wish, I'd rather, as if, as though, it's high time, if only = Past Tense (for present and future)
example: I wish I knew how to dance.
                If only I could speak Italian.
I wish, I'd rather, as if, as though, if only = Past Perfect (for past)
example : I wish I had met him yesterday.
                                I'd rather he hadn't spent all his money.
I' rather go. (now)
I'd rather have gone. (past)
I'd rather you went.(now)
I'd rather you had gone.(past)
1.   I wouldn't go there if  (be) you.
2.   It's high time you  (mend) your boat.
3.   She behaved as though she  (be) the Prime Minister of Greece.
4.   He talks to us as if we  (be) stupid.
5.   If only I (find) the answer now.
6.   If only I (talk) to the boss yesterday.
7.   If we  (arrive) on time we would see Tom Cruise.
8.   I'd rather you (not love) that terrible boy!
9.   I didn't understand a word. If only he  (speak) more clearly!
10. Playing in the snow is fun. I wish it (snow) here more often.
1.   It's high time you  out and looked for a job.
2.   I wish it  so late. I don't want to leave.
3.   I wasted a lot of time at school. I wish I  harder.
4.   I wish I  that letter yesterday.
5.   If only I  that you wanted to meet her.
6.   I'd rather he  to the theatre with me this Saturday.
7.   I'd rather  the museum last week.
8.   I'd rather  maths now.
9.   I'd rather you  it to him today.
10. I's rather you  it with me before you gave the O.K.