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�I wish, I'd rather, as if, as though, it's high time, if only = Past Tense (for present and future)
example: I wish I knew how to dance.
����������������If only I could speak Italian.
I wish, I'd rather, as if, as though, if only = Past Perfect (for past)
example : I wish I had met him yesterday.
��������������������������������I'd rather he hadn't spent all his money.
I' rather go. (now)
I'd rather have gone. (past)
I'd rather you went.(now)
I'd rather you had gone.(past)
1.�� I wouldn't go there if� (be) you.
2.�� It's high time you� (mend) your boat.
3.�� She behaved as though she� (be) the Prime Minister of Greece.
4.�� He talks to us as if we� (be) stupid.
5.�� If only I (find) the answer now.
6.�� If only I (talk) to the boss yesterday.
7.�� If we� (arrive) on time we would see Tom Cruise.
8.�� I'd rather you (not love) that terrible boy!
9.�� I didn't understand a word. If only he� (speak) more clearly!
10. Playing�in the�snow is fun. I wish it (snow) here more often.
1.�� It's high time you �out and looked for a job.
2.�� I wish it� so late. I don't want to leave.
3.�� I wasted a lot of time at school. I wish I� harder.
4.�� I wish I� that letter yesterday.
5.�� If only I� that you wanted to meet her.
6.�� I'd rather he� to the theatre with me this Saturday.
7.�� I'd rather� the museum last week.
8.�� I'd rather� maths now.
9.�� I'd rather you� it to him today.
10. I's rather you� it with me before you gave the O.K.