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Online English reading comprehension exercise - In the News 1

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Read the extracts from the article and to test your level of understanding decide whether the following statments are true or false.

The IMF and the EU stopped negotiations with the Hungarian government, because
- the Hungarian government wanted to fulfil the requirements of other organisations.
- the Hungarian government didn't want to tell them about the exact plans for the country's budget.
- the Hungarian government demanded more money from the organisations.

The EU and the IMF wanted the Hungarian government
- to raise taxes on banks and other financial institutions and to lower taxes on state-owned companies.
- to raise its incomes, cut expenditures and carry out reforms on state-owned companies.
- to raise its revenues by Ft 200bn a year over the next two years.

The IMF wasn't happy that
- Sándor Csányi, head of Hungary's largest bank was in South Africa with prime minister Viktor Orbán.
- the prime minister was more interested in the Word Cup final than the delegation's arrival.
- Mr. Orbán's key economics adviser was excluded from the town while the delegation was there.
- a change was made to tax law that allows seven insurance companies not to pay the tax.


The article says that
- the previous government fell because of last year's fiscal consolidation.
- banking tax is a good basis for sound fiscal policy.
- Fidesz is so stubborn because of pressure from the society.
- Jobbik is as obeisant to the etiquette of international finance as Fidesz.