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Co-Ordinating Conjunctions Test

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In the sentences below, pick out the Co-ordinating Conjunctions (the first one is done for you):
1) I liked the fried rice as well as the steamed rice. as well as
2) We were fully rested so we walked.
3) My friend is strong but he cannot swim.
4) I did not sleep last night but I am ready to hike down into the Grand Canyon.
5) She better get the job done, otherwise her boss will fire her.
6) Go to sleep while you have the chance.
7) I must go to work or I will not get paid.
8) The bananas as well as the mangoes do not taste good here in Thailand.
9) The dog wagged his tail yet he bit me on my leg. 
10) I usually sleep while my wife is at work.
11) You can take a bus or a bus to Bangkok.
12) Eat more fat, otherwise you will lose weight.
13) He is slow therefore he will not win the race.
14) The kids were very loud during the class yet the teacher did not tell them to  be quiet.
15) He had a full plate of chicken but he still wanted more.