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1. INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the gaps with the correct verb from the line below:
    lock     turn on      watch       go        be     bring     drinks      open       turn off  
Hello Anna, I have to go now, here are the keys for the house, do not  the door to any body please, you can  TV until late if you wish but remember to  all the lights and  the alarm before you  to bed. Make sure my son Todd is asleep before you  to bed, and  the doors, we will  back by two in the morning. Ahh, and I forgot, Todd's milk is inside the refrigerator in a small bottle, he always  it before falling asleep,  a good girl and don't  any people in the house. I will see you at two. 
2. INSTRUCTIONS: Match the first column to the second one:
a. don`t accept                                              the door to Mike
b. brush your teeth                                        to bring the Cds
c. turn off the lights                                      candies from strangers
d. don't step                                                 before you go to bed
e. bring your dictionaries                                adult programmes
f. don't open                                                 when you go to bed to save energy
g. don't watch                                                for language arts class
i. don't forget                                                on the lawn